It’s the most wonderful time of the year and look who came into town (No, it’s not Santa) its Krispy Kreme! An early Christmas present for the people of Baguio. The ever-famous doughnut and coffee combo is here and it is all sorts of awesome. I am very excited to share with you 7 awesome facts that you need to know before you sink your teeth into the tasty, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts here in Krispy Kreme Baguio.

1. Krispy Kreme Baguio is the first Hot Line store in the North

Fresh Doughnuts! Hot just the way I like it

That basically means fresh and hot doughnuts are whipped up everyday because they make a whooping 65 dozens of their heavenly Original Glazed Doughnuts per hour. Enjoy a tour of the doughnut-making process and see for yourself how they are made. Spoiler alert! They pass through a mini waterfall of glaze at the very end.

2. Krispy Kreme Baguio is the 75th store in the Philippines

Krispy Kreme has been in the Pearl of the Orient for nine years already and only now have they opened a branch in Baguio City. As the 75th store, I personally think that Krispy Kreme Baguio is the best. 🙂

Enjoying our tour and making our own doughnuts! Yay!

3. Employees of Krispy Kreme Baguio are from Baguio City too!

Who else can serve Baguio people better than locals as well? Yes, their employees are from Baguio too and as a local myself, I feel an intimate relationship already with Krispy Kreme. #KKBaguio is not just a store, its a friend.

Sooo pretty!

4. The biggest Krispy Kreme store in Luzon is in Baguio City

Bigger store = more doughnuts. Need I say more?

5. Krispy Kreme Baguio supports the local farmers of La Trinidad

My favorite fact of all is that Krispy Kreme Baguio supports the local farmers of La Trinidad. It somehow shows that the strawberries of Benguet are not only for pasalubong but export-quality as well. I am proud that in my simple purchase, I am able to help and give back to the farmers. Good job, Krispy Kreme!


6. Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake is found only in Krispy Kreme Baguio

My next favorite is that the Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake is dedicated to Baguio City. A branch in Baguio is great already but a doughnut especially made for us? Very touching. Krispy Kreme surely knows how to make people feel special. Tip! If you want your doughnuts extraspecial, you can also design your own doughnut.

The Double Chocolate Strawberry Cake on the left Chocolate Frappe on the right, another bestseller

7. Krispy Kreme Baguio’s location is the best

When I found out the Krispy Kreme will be in town, I automatically thought that their branch will be inside a mall but to my surprise, it’s at a very convenient location for everyone. Just adjacent Sunshine Park, Krispy Kreme is just minutes away from Session Road, schools, bus stops, a call center, and ironically, a gym! In their location, I think it’s safe to say that they nestled at the heart of Baguio.


And that’s a wrap, guys! Go ahead and enjoy your doughnuts at Krispy Kreme Baguio. Best enjoyed with your loved ones especially at this time of the year. You can download their app at the Google Play Store or at the Apple App Store. You can also keep in touch and tag Krispy Kreme in your memorable moments in their social media sites. (Krispy Kreme Facebook, Krispy Kreme Instagram)

See you at #KKBaguio!

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