I used to love going around the city and bumping into a cool restaurant or cafe but now I love scrolling through my newsfeed and stumbling upon a new restaurant or cafe. Haha oh, how times have changed. I also remember being scared in trying new things out *sigh* It is hard to break out of the mainstream but, yes, times have changed and I decided to put myself out there because life is too short to spend it eating in one place only hahaha. Thus, very recently we visited Sucrecielo Cafe, thanks to Facebook. lol

My First Impression

It struck me a bit odd when the address was at St. Vincent Gym, but when I saw the place I think it was quite a unique quality about it. I was thinking it would be a little sporty but to my surprise I saw their dainty design which was homey and easy on the eyes. My personal favorite was the bulbs inside the mason jars, it gives a subtle rustic touch.

We actually visited on Valentine’s Day that explains the bouquets and stuffed toys, how was your Heart’s Day by the way? Mine was bittersweet, my boyfriend was not in town but my friends and I spent the day together. Haha we also worked out on Valentine’s Day.


Tea and Snacks


Snacks and tea are very affordable at Sucrecielo Cafe and Boutique, I’m just a sucker for dainty teapots and cups like these. I kind of want to take it home *kidding* Here we got Rose with French Vanilla tea for only Php 45.00 with one refill! That’s a catch for tea lovers. They also have an array of pastries to match your choice of drink.


Here is one of their specialties, the Longa-Nachos for only Php 80.00. It is nice and savory especially with the dip it comes with. I love the presentation too hehe. There’s just something about cute or artsy food presentations that make the food taste better.

Cheers to New Adventures!


Sucrecielo Cafe and Boutique is finally ticked off my list of cafes to try out. Cheers to new adventures this 2016, the night is still young or the year rather. But there are more to go and I can’t wait to try them out too. Thank you for reading my simple review. I hope my experience was helpful. Please do leave your recommendations down on the comment section.

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