Burger-lover but health-conscious = Story of My Life. I love me some burgers no matter the size and price because I believe that every burger deserves to be loved! #NoHate. But let’s get real here, if you are on a strict diet, you definitely should avoid calorie-heavy food and that includes burgers. That’s why I was wondering if it is possible to have the same great taste of a burger without cheating on your health?

This essential life inquiry of mine was answered when I went to Bite Street Bistro, a restaurant that created a buzz around the City of Pines because of their black burger. Bite Street Bistro’s black burger is simply like no other because they use activated charcoal, yes you read that right activated charcoal which explains its color. 


Activated charcoal is not new to the medicine and beauty industry. In fact, activated charcoal is a part of ancient techniques to cure poisoning because it flushes away toxins and harmful chemicals in the body. On the other hand, activated charcoal is a beauty secret that is great for whitening the skin and teeth. Read more here 🙂

That being said, Bite Street Bistro’s black burger eliminates the toxins in your body while retaining the yummyness of the burger. This is my kind of detox haha! I also love that this OMG burgers costs only Php 90.00! In addition, they have a wide range of snacks and meals for the whole barkada.


I also ordered their Wintermelon Milk Tea that is only for Php 40.00.

I haven’t tasted most of the food on their menu yet but that just means I have more reasons to visit. I will share more about my next experiences about it here.

Bite Street Bistro Details

Where: La Montana Square Ciudad Grande Phase 2 Montebello Street, Bakakeng Norte

When: Mondays to Saturdays (10am-10pm)

Contact Links:

Their Website

Their Facebook

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think about it down below~ <3 🙂

7 thoughts on “Bite Street Bistro: A Taste of the Black Burger”

    1. Hi there! Don’t worry its not burnt. Compared to the regular buns, the black bun is tastier compared to the regular, I cannot taste a hint of charcoal or anything weird. The texture is also more dense or compact.

      1. Ah… So does this burger combat cholesterol? I admit it did look scary.. They don’t sell them in the UK yet..

        They also don’t sell the squid ink burger over here. Only in Asia..

        1. Black burgers in Japan and somewhere in the US does makes use of food coloring and ink to achieve the color. According to the owner, this is very new thus you can’t find it anywhere else. For combating cholesterol, I looked it up and a bunch of studies say that activated charcoal can lower cholesterol. You can check it out here: http://paleoleap.com/activated-charcoal/

          1. Thanks.. I remember charcoal as an indigestion treatment.. And I’m currently using it as a face wash for my oily skin. So many uses for a humble product!

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