The first time I colored my hair was last year after my Graduation. I remember that day because I was 100% decided to change up my look to mark a new chapter in my life. I wanted something bold to signify the change I wanted for myself. Thus, I went for it head on! After a few months of having colored hair, I realized the responsibility that goes with it haha. Recently, I went for another daunting decision to color my own hair. I opted for Etude House’s Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring because I heard a lot of good stuff about it and great for beginners.

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The color I have chosen is Lavender Brown, a color that easily gets sold out according to the sales lady in the store. Inside the coloring kit, you can find the hair coloring materials together with a pair of gloves and a plastic cape. It also comes with an instruction manual that personally I think is not very helpful cause it is in Korean but the small instruction graphics were pretty self-explanatory.


It is my first time to use Etude House’s Coloring Kit and I was amazed to see how this foam-like mixture can color my hair. In my before and after photo, you can see that my hair was pretty ratchet (lol) and that almost two inches of my roots have grown. My previous hair color has faded into a rusty brown/orange and I’m not having any of it, I needed to change ASAP.


Please excuse my face in the photos haha. What I loved about the product is that it is incredibly easy to apply and in the first photo, I had to call my mom to color some hard to reach areas. I let the product do its thing for about 40-50 minutes then rinsed it thoroughly with lukewarm water. I conditioned my hair with the Silky Perfumed Treatment included in the kit and I loved its scent and it made my hair silky smooth afterward.


Based on the final results, I was impressed with the color payoff of the product and it stayed true to the model’s photo in the box. I am 100% satisfied with the color and its texture. Here is my verdict of the product and its Pros and Con.


Etude House’s Hot Style Bubble Hair Color is Php 428.00. You can purchase it online at Etude House Philippines Online Store. Have you tried their Coloring Kit? Share your experiences in the comments below!

<3 Thank you for reading, my fluffy pancakes 🙂 <3

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