Hey Baby Girl! I heard you’re dalaga na. Your titas and other relatives joke around and ask you if you have suitors or if you have a boyfriend already. With an awkward laugh you just smile and say “none po.” Then your father, possibly coming from a distant place, bursts into the picture to proclaim that he’ll slay any suitors because you are too young to date (despite being 18) and that you are his “forever princess.” Well, before delving deeper into the awkward topic and being in the spotlight for too long, you escape into the comfort of the four corners of your room. You wrap yourself around your comfy blanket and after shuffling around for sometime you stare blankly into the ceiling… “Dalaga na ba ako?”

Being a dalaga is definitely different from being your happy-go-lucky self in elementary or high school. You observe that other girls around you are starting to take notice of their looks and figure and even their personality. “That’s weird,” you think because you’ve never done this before, “what in the world do I know about beauty and makeup?” Your ate here wished that there was someone to guide her through the awkward stages of her life because most of the time I had to learn the “hard way” so here are some tips and tricks to try and figure out your beautiful coming-of-age story.

dalaga-coming-of-age-hello-relynBe good to your skin

Look at all the shades of foundation, eye shadow, blushes, and more! So sparkly in their glass containers, calling you to try them all. It’s tempting, yes because you can get to try all the techniques your fave Youtubers have done. Well, I say, shop to your heart’s content and explore all you want. There’s no problem in that but do remember to always, always remove your makeup gently then rinse it out with warm water. Your face is like a canvas and makeup is your art so take care of your canvas because your future self will thank you.

Sleep! While you still can!

“One more episode” or “Last chapter before I sleep” are some lies that you tell yourself while you click on the “Next” button and you flip to the next page. Ugh, what can I say? Guilty, guilty pleasures we love to indulge in. Though its fun, your skin and body are definitely suffering because you need to rest, girl. Like seriously. Reward yourself an hour more of sleep by going to bed early. Forget about scary movies because premature aging is the kind of horror you don’t want to feel.

Sneak some fruits and veggies in your diet

Late night pizzas are the best with fizzy sodas, the best once in a while but you really have to sneak in some healthy stuff into your meals too! #RiceisLife but its packed with carbs that you don’t want to have an excess of in your body. So, have everything in moderation, being health-conscious is not just for adults but take advantage of your health more by feeding yourself the good and healthy sh*t.

Water is your new bestie

You might have heard of the “Water Challenge” where you drink a gallon of water a day. The first time I heard that I wondered if I’ll drown from all that water LOL but honestly our skin and basically our whole system needs that clean and pure water to hydrate even the dark depths of our hearts. A tip is to set an alarm every now and then to remind yourself to take a shot or ten of water.

Being a dalaga is an awkward yet adventurous phase in our lives. Be unapologetic and just explore because that is the time to unlock, decode, and reveal your true self.

15 thoughts on “So, You’re Dalaga Na | Coming-of-Age Beauty Advice”

  1. Oh, first time I heard about Dalaga Na mean young in filipino 🙂 Water is important to our body daily. Always sleep early, so you can be young. Many ppl said me young hehe 😀

  2. May I ask what is dalaga? Although it does sound like a girl coming of age and learning to take care of themselves. So correct that it is important to get enough sleep cos Aging is probably the worse nightmare ever!

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