A week ago, your instructor gave a report and now you’re cramming to keep it together and fully understand the topic given to you. During the presentation, you end up answering only half of the questions. As a result, you got a low grade (weh, weh, weh).

Looking back, you start to wonder what you did the last week…

Monday and Tuesday, “I have plenty of time to do it, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Wednesday, “…report’s coming up but I can’t miss this episode.” Thursday, Friday, Saturday flutters by and you still got nothing. Sunday, you actually remembered about the report due tomorrow morning and you start freaking out like hell.

I diagnose you with a serious case of procrastination and here are my prescriptions:

  1. Stop saying, start doing

It’s not enough to tell yourself that you are going to do it, as said by a popular shoe brand “Just do it.” So get up because as long as you lie down on your bed and think of what you are going to do first nothing’s going to happen. Start now.

  1. Get organized

Keeping a journal is such a big helping hand when you have a hectic schedule because it helps you keep on track. You cannot expect your brain to remember everything so write it down so that nothing will be amiss. It may be hard at first but eventually you will get the hang of it

  1. The fun can wait

It’s hard to resist your friends when they ask you out on food trips and parties. However, you have to face the fact that you have reports, presentations, and assignments that can’t wait. So, set your priorities straight.

  1. Complaining won’t help

“I have so much to do! This professor keeps giving work, I’m only human!” These are just samples of complaints and these won’t get you anywhere.

  1. Believe to achieve

Don’t give up! You know you got it in you. You simply have to stay calm and start from the top. Good luck!

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