Life got in the way and this post has been long overdue. But I have always kept in mind the experience of being on the trail, taking in nature and being alone with my thoughts. I have come to realize that this is a privilege, to be in nature whenever I wish to. Living in Baguio City since the day I was born, I was surprised that it is my first time to visit some places. Nevertheless, I thought to myself that it is never too late to explore what my city has to offer.

Anyway, during the first Coffee Crawl, I learned a lot about the Coffee culture in the City of Pines and it was not short of mesmerizing. Later that afternoon, we found ourselves at Residences at Brent.

Construction without Destruction


Is it possible? Well, if Residences at Brent has done it, I don’t see why others cannot. In my opinion, technology and nature can live together in harmony. But after everything that is all around the news today, it hurts to see it but in one way or another we have contributed to this mess. Is it too late to say sorry? I guess so but it is never too late to save what is remaining.

Follow the Trail


Before we save the world, we have to start within ourselves or at least in our own vicinity first. So, take some time to get to know nature too. At Residences at Brent, you walk into a piece of nature’s goodness through its trail. Allow nature to seep into your thoughts as you roam in it, I bet this would not just give you the¬†inspiration to take care of the environment at the same time gather inspiration for yourself.


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