As my love of coffee continues, we venture to Cafe Yagam to delve deeper into the coffee experience. We were exhausted after the hike but thankfully, we had a chance to take some rest during the jeepney ride. After the much-needed rest, we arrive at Cafe Yagam, lots of fond memories have taken place in this cafe. Cafe Yagam is one of my favorite cafes in the city because of its cozy ambiance and of course, its high-quality coffee and I’m thrilled to get to know coffee even more with one of the people behind the successful coffee shop.

Where the Magic Begins


I honestly did not know much about coffee before and I realized that the magic begins not when the coffee is brewed and served but when it’s picked, sorted and roasted. Such process the tiny beans go through, a sort of elimination process to make sure that the coffee is in pristine condition before being transported. The speaker mentioned that in 2 tons of coffee beans about 1/4 of it is disposed of because it did not make the cut. My gosh, imagine being a coffee bean. haha!

Preparing the Coffee


After the sorting and roasting is the grinding of the beloved beans. You can choose a fine, powdery finish or one with some of the granules intact. The grinding process also has a significant impact on the taste and smell of the coffee. The mere smelling of coffee is an art in itself, most coffee connoisseurs can tell if the coffee is good or not just by its aroma.

Coffee Two Way


Guests at the cafe can choose between French Press and Paper Drip coffee. Paper Drip coffee, for me, is the way to go. Its microfibers filter the coffee and remove any excess oil. As a result, the coffee is nice and fruity this is what I prefer. On the other hand for the French Press coffee has more body and flavor to it because it is unfiltered. This way of preparing coffee is simple yet it makes a world of a difference.

Pro tip! If your coffee bubbles up when you pour the hot water, it doesn’t get much fresher than that!


Sit back and Enjoy!


The most important thing I learned is that Coffee is Art. You just don’t open the packet pour in the mix, add hot water, and that’s it. I learned to appreciate how tedious the process of preparing the coffee is and what every coffee bean goes through for that perfect cup. As a coffee lover, I realized that preparing your own coffee is exciting and simply fascinating haha. I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store during this short talk on coffee.

Thank you Cafe Yagam for the memorable experience!

What about you? How do you like your coffee?

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