Childhood Playback

Fond memories fill me up whenever I think about McDo Session, the oldest branch in the city. I could recall countless moments my mom and dad would bring me there after school for meryenda and a spin at the play place. I felt a surge of excitement whenever my dad mouths McDo before we went home but I also felt disappointed otherwise. I also remember skipping happily whenever I have a happy meal in hand. I believe the toys I got are somewhere here, though they are kept away, our happy moments stay alive whenever I traverse Session Road.

Routine Rendezvous

Baguio City is a small town and growing up here meant that I kind of know if a person is from Baguio or not. Mainly because I observe the people passing by while waiting for the person I need to meet. Sometimes, I wonder if in this same spot I have seen somebody who would play a big role in my life. From waiting and meeting and waiting, I wonder if some people wonder the same thing too. My thoughts are not always this deep when I am waiting but I do munch on some fries and dip them in the vanilla sundae while listening to my favorite songs. Just my ultimate combination <3

The Comeback

I truly miss the place and when I thought I was ready to move on it makes its comeback on September 1, which also happens to be Baguio Day! More memories are in order to add to the old ones. I am simply ecstatic to find out that our favorite place to meet and hang out in is back and I am also happy to share the prizes that come along with it.

Learn more about the contest details soon!

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