People travel to Baguio City not just because of the weather but because of its artsy aura and unapologetic rawness that can liven up an uninspired artist or awaken the artist inside. Thus, cafes like Joie de Vivre Cafe located at 4th Floor MM Gara Building, Marcos Highway, are the perfect haven for the artist. Since the place is tucked away from the Central Business District, please remember that the cafe is just a few minutes if not seconds away from the Baguio Craft Brewery.

Upon entering, the first thing I noticed is the freedom wall on the right side of the cafe. I love how customers can feel free to put a shout out or a special message on the wall. In a way, I definitely felt an artistic presence from the first step. 


Concept and Passion

What I love about art is its diversity, that anyone can be an artist regardless of a person’s age, gender, race, and whatnot. Art is definitely for everybody and its relative like each person’s joy of living. At Joie de Vivre Cafe which is, by the way, pronounced as [zhwaduh vee-vruh] is as diverse as art because of the wide variety of food it offers including Filipino, Mexican, and Italian. To be honest, I was wondering why the cafe didn’t have a fixed cuisine like Italian or American but listening to the owner’s reason that they would like to serve good food together with their passion for cooking and art definitely made me think that that is art and passion, its diverse and without a label. So, I’m all in.


The Joy of Food

Joie de Vivre Cafe offers a wide variety of simply good food that the owners are happy to serve everyday. From Filipino to Italian food, there is something for everybody. Below are some of my faves:

Pulled Pork Fries @ Php 155.00

First is the Pulled Pork Fries, what I found surprising is its sweetness. I was caught off guard because I didn’t expect the flavor but it blended well with the other flavors. I think this is best shared with a friend or a tall, cold glass of beer.

Mr. Beef Burger @ Php 140.00

Second, is their Mr. Beef burger which is made without any extenders just pure, tender beef.

Enchiladas Single – Php 120.00 Double – Php 180.00 Trio – Php 280.00

Third, is their Enchiladas. Honestly, I think its my first time to taste an Enchilada and according to the owner the dish is similar to the authentic one. So, I consider myself lucky that my first Enchilada was a good one!

Pulled Pork Pizza – Php 250.00

Fourth is Joie de Vivre’s Pulled Pork Pizza, another crowd favorite because of its unique taste and overall goodness. I am loving the super thin and chewy crust because it doesn’t take anything away from the flavor which is the star of the dish.

Nachos – Php 155.00

Fifth, their colorful Nachos. Aside from totally being Instagrammable, these nachos also have that authentic taste because of the fresh ingredients in the dish. Another fave for the barkada.

Fifth is actually their sisig, that I don’t have a decent photo of simply because it was that good. Everyone knows that I am a sisig girl and if all else fails I would choose sisig. However, I think I haven’t found the best sisig in town but Joie de Vivre’s sisig would be a tight competition.

To top it all off, a beautiful sunset can be seen from the cafe. Sometimes, we just need to escape stress and the hustle and bustle of the city for a few moments of silence with good food and a good view. I can see myself coming back to Joie de Vivre cafe when I feel the stress about to eat me up (lol). What about you?

6 thoughts on “Find the Joy of Living at Joie de Vivre Cafe”

  1. What an amazing place! New to your blog, loved your review…if I was in your neighbourhood I would definitely pay a visit! The food looks divine and the freedom wall is awesome! xx

  2. Woah! Talk about a great spin on some traditional dishes. Those pull pork fries look great! And that is an interesting take on enchiladas. As a cali girl I am a little skeptical about the enchilada but I’m sure it was amazing!

  3. This place looks incredible– the art and the food! I love the shout out wall. I think that’s so cool! They have something kind of like that at North Carolina State’s campus called the Freedom Expression tunnel. I love seeing people’s artistic ability and how they express it. Also, I’m quite surprised to hear the French isn’t a type of cuisine, considering the name of the cafe is Joie de Vivre. But hey, you’ve convinced me to pay a visit!

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