There is something about handmade things that make it so special like a handcrafted gift or a handwritten letter. Maybe it’s because of the thought, time and effort spent on it despite the convenience of buying something cute at the store. We tend to forget how important it is to take it slow and appreciate the little things. Visiting the Everything is Pine workshop atop the mountains of the city felt as if time slowed down to a soft melodic state and here I learned more about art and culture.

About Everything is Pineeverything-is-pine-baguio-city-hello-relyn

Craftiteria Enterprises proudly presents their product line: “Everything is Pine.” A play on words that perfectly capture its true essence which is the pine needles where the products are carefully crafted from and the laid back ambiance of Baguio City or also known as the City of Pines. From the local community, they strive to produce world-class products without compromising its design. An interesting product line, indeed, since it gives a spotlight on the Cordilleran Art of Weaving.

Cordilleran Art of Weaving

One of the souvenir hits for tourists are the handwoven items that serve as great accent pieces to any room of the household or office. Needless to say, the Cordilleran Art of Weaving also provided supplementary earnings to the local weavers. Delving deeper into the art itself reveals that the tribal people of the Cordilleras are also weaving their culture and heritage to every strand of the intricate piece. Thus, owners of Everything is Pine, aims to showcase what the city is known for at the same time the potentials of the indigenous pine weavers of Benguet.

Everything is Pine Products

Statement pieces of jewelry can give a twist to any monochromatic or nude style. On the other hand, dainty pieces add a bit of glimmer or accent to a lazy outfit. Either way, you can find your statement or dainty accessory at Everything is Pine. They present a unique style by twisting and binding pine needles to any form, in this case, a teardrop shape. It is noticeable that the accessories are intricately woven to an elegant finish. From everyday looks to an night of glitz and glamour, the pieces are certainly versatile.


Teardrop Necklace with Black Crystal Beads and matching Earrings

everything-is-pine-baguio-city-hello-relynThree Teardrop Wood Beaded Necklace

Everything is Pine: For Special Occasions


More than just accessories, the Everything is Pine product line includes different furniture pieces such as tissue holders, vases, and fruit baskets. A great choice for giveaways and souvenirs for any occasion, all for reasonable prices. Please do support local products and in turn help keep the culture alive through these memorable art pieces.



Special thanks to Hanaoka Photography for my portrait shots 🙂

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  1. So beautiful! Its nice to see how they came with the name. I didnt know they can produce that many product using it!

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