When I was younger, I never liked coffee. I thought it was just another grown-up drink for grown-ups that I know I wouldn’t like. But how the tables have turned and now I can’t live without coffee. Not a day goes by that I don’t drink coffee and I thought to myself that if I love coffee this much I must go the extra mile to show my love. Hahaha sorry, too dramatic. But anyway thanks to the For the Love of Coffee Experience held on Social Media Day, I got to plant my own coffee seedling wayyy up high in Buyog Watershed.

Up, Up, and Away


Damn Nature, back at it again with the great view! I just love getting lost in places like this. When the view from your window is the concrete jungle and honestly claustrophobic, your heart would sing in this place. The hike was exhilarating and for someone who doesn’t have much exercise, like me, this is a challenge. Do you have this weird feeling too? That when you’re with nature, you have a feeling that you belong? Or its just me.


Coffee Seedling is Planted!


Would you look at that, my first ever seedling planted. I have to admit, I don’t have a green thumb but I am proud of myself for contributing to the coffee world. I am not just a consumer anymore haha. I hope that I could come back one day and check on my seedling and hopefully, it has grown to a reasonable size already. But until then my coffee plant, I’ll see you next time.

Saturday grind 😎💪🍃 #OIB #SmartCommunities #SmartTayoPH #ForTheLoveofCoffee

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