Hello there! Halloween is just around the corner and it feels great to play around with different costumes  and a reason for you to bust out your colorful eyeshadow palettes and get creative. Trick or treat is not really a thing in my area, but there are Halloween parties around that hold costume contests. I love dressing up and this is my first time to share my costume ideas. So, if you are interested please continue reading and enjoy! 🙂


LOL! I’m looking dead already. Anyway, start with a fresh and primed face and go about with your usual foundation routine. With a flawless canvas, you can now be as artistic as you want for your desired. If you are going for a pale, ghostly look, it is time to bring out the foundation shades that are lighter than your skin tone.


First up, I went for an Old Hollywood or Great Gatsby inspired look. To be honest, this blog post started as an innocent fall time look but I messed up my liner. So I went like “crap! dammit!” but I can’t let all my hard work go down the drain so I switched to Halloween looks instead, we’ve all been there hahaha. Anywhoo, I used my Naked 3 palette to achieve a neutral – smokey look.

  • Lid: Shade Limit in the Naked 3 Palette
  • Crease: Nooner Shade then Factory Shade
  • Outer V:  Blackheart and Mugshot – apply little by little till you achieve your desired intensity
  • Lips: Any plum or maroon shade but you can also go for a classic red.

Final Look


Ta-da~ This is the final look. I went for a platinum blonde wig, I think this would look great with a wig with big, bouncy curls too. For the outfit, choose a glitzy dress because that captures the classic Hollywood look. However, if you are low on the budget like I am, you don’t need to go out and splurge on a sparkly dress.  You can customize a basic black dress with metallic paper instead.


Look number two is a witch! Or mangkukulam for the Pinoys out there hehe. If you’re not feeling the Hollywood style then head on to this look. Starting with the “fall look” we had earlier, you just have to make your eyeliner thicker and sharper. Then, switch your plum lips to a dark, matte one. Here, I’m just using a black eyeliner on top of the plum shade to give dimension to the lips.

Final Look


Complete the look with a long, black wig and an all-black outfit and you’re good to go! For added spookiness to your look you can put on contact lenses.


Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Lots of parties and candies, you are sure to love. Most importantly, it the time where you can be as creative as you want for your costume. Here are just some last minute suggestions that you can pull off easily. Thank you so much for reading and please share your Halloween costume or party ideas down below too!

Kisses and Kittens <3

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