I have always been fascinated with makeup and skin care. This started when I stumbled upon a Bubzbeauty video on YouTube when I was 15 or 16. Makeup was an unknown world for me at that time and to be honest I didn’t care about my looks at that age. Hopping from one video to another, my interest grew and I started buying makeup products – the beginner type, of course. Then, I just started experimenting with my own looks. Looking back, I still think I have a lot to learn but I will document my experience on my blog.

Hello Relyn Beauty

Skin care was also a big question mark for me at one point but I later realized how important it is to take good care of the skin. Simple things like sleeping with makeup on can ruin your face for a long time and I learned that the hard way. Thus, I want to have better skin or rather the best skin that I can have. Hello Relyn Beauty will feature makeup and skincare reviews to help a sister or a brother out on taking good care of their skin.