All grown-ups were once children… but only a few of them remember it.

Hello! I am Relyn, a little girl from the City of Pines who believes in magical things. I am often mistaken as someone younger than my true age but truth be told, I don’t mind at all. Despite being young and young at heart, I found my passion for teaching English. I love being able to share my knowledge with everyone regardless of age, gender, and race.  Maybe, meeting people and sharing thoughts and ideas was something I did in my past life.


I started blogging in July of 2015, there were definitely some ups and downs in my journey as a blogger. From doubters to believers, this blog has been through a lot. But, again, for some magical reason, I’m still here creating content and collaborating with fellow bloggers and brands.

Hello Relyn Blog

everything-is-pine-baguio-city-hello-relynThe Hello Relyn Blog is a lighthearted read for daily doses of inspiration, fun, with a dash of facts. At its core, the Hello Relyn Blog would like to put a spotlight on organic and local beauty products. Reviews and product tests are aimed to enlighten people that we have amazing local products too! Also, breaking into Filipina stereotypes is also a key factor in the blog, Filipinas are beautifully diverse and all our features and skin tones come from a melting pot of culture. That being said, the Hello Relyn blog aspires to be a voice for women empowerment.

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