Hello! I am Relyn. I’m a 20-ish girl who is often mistaken as a high schooler because of my height but its okay I’m used to it LOL. I am a teacher, blogger, student, and social media manager. As your typical millennial trying to get lost and figure out life every once in a while I like to write, travel, eat, and read about anything and everything. One of my favorite books is The Little Prince and if there’s one thing I learned from that book is that “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it,” I love that line and it definitely made a mark on me that I should always remember to have fun and not let the system eat me up. I want to share that in my blog.

Hello Relyn Blog

Hello Relyn Blog is a lighthearted read for daily doses of inspiration, fun, with a dash of facts. It focuses on the sunny side of life, let’s keep it happy and positive for a change.


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