If there is one thing I want to do for the rest of my life that would be traveling. I’ve stayed in only one city for the past 22 years of existence and it feels so daunting to leave this place since it has become my comfort zone. As a blogger, I got to meet several travel bloggers whom I admire because they are not afraid to get lost and talk to locals – something I still feel hesitant of doing. At the same time, it has challenged me to try it out.


Travelling to Manila with my friend Chiki on November 2016 was the first time I traveled without any parental guidance and whatnot. I found my mom texting me every now and then checking up on how I’m doing but other than that I felt independent and in charge of myself. After that unforgettable experience with the Blogapalooza family, there is a sudden urge in me to travel whether it be on my own or with friends. Let’s go for it!

Hello Relyn Travel

Hello Relyn Travel is for the rookie adventurers like me who want to explore but guards are still up cause its their first time haha. Join me in my mini travels and let’s share travel tips and tricks for each other too!