A month ago, I turned 22 years old and after the happy greetings, great food, and the whole shebang it dawned on me that I am a year older. A year older! Time definitely flies and for the past weeks I have been contemplating on what things have changed in me and what lessons I have learned through the years. I did not imagine my early twenties would be like this heck I even planned to get married at 23 or 24 but damn that’s not happening soon haha.

I have accepted the fact I am still struggling with the whole “adult” thang nevertheless it has been a fun and interesting ride so far and I am excited to discover what is to come. Thus, here are some lessons I have learned through the years 🙂


Love, oh my, where do I start? Although at this age, expect that I’m still a noob at this but here are some things I’ve learned:

1. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing love

  • I’ve learned this the hard way. I was easy to compare other couples to my own relationship. Thus, I pressured my boyfriend to be like this not like that. I was unsatiated at his actions that it came to a point where we would fight all the time. But I came to realize that I’m not perfect too so better accept him for who he is (and vice versa).

2. Love is not something that you scour all over the world for rather its something that finds you.

  • Surprisingly, when you think you’re doomed. Love finds you (as cheesy as this sounds).

3. Sometimes, people don’t love you back and that’s ok.

  • Sigh. That’s life. I guess.


Guuuurl, getting dough is tough!

4. Damn! I hella learned money DEFINITELY does not grow on trees.

  • Work, work, and surprise! WORK! Haha payday is heaven until you minus all the bills you need to pay. I’m still taking baby steps through this money management thing lol but I am positive I’ll be an expert soon!

5. Impulsive buying does more damage than you think.

  • OMG! You see this beautiful bag online and it’s on sale! My, my, my you click on that “Buy Me” button. Minutes after the checkout you freaking regret it. What I mean about the damage here is that impulsive buying ruins the budget that you set aside for more important things.

6. Weigh in the things you need and the things you want.

  • I’m not saying you should always say no to what you want but priorities should come first.


Friends come and go…

7. You can find a friend in everyone.

  • Some people may seem intimidating at first but in my opinion first impressions don’t last and people can change. Give them a chance 🙂

8. Being nice does not cost you a single centavo.

  • In fact, you can gain something better — friends! Be nice not because you are in need just be nice for the sake of it haha why not? Life is too short to spend it on what ifs and what could’ve(s).

9. True friends care for you.

  • Sadly, some people are not true because at the back of their minds they would love to see you crash and burn.


10. Like relationships, jobs also entail commitment and effort.

  • Longing for a life full of roses is me jumping over the moon. I learned that if you want something, better work for it. If you don’t, watch people beat it to you.

11. At a young age, it is confusing but trust that this is not the end.

  • You are just starting so its ok to be lost. You don’t enter a company wanting to be the CEO already, due process and training will get you to that spot.

12. Fall in love with what you do

  • Well, I just think everything is better with love. My gosh, I’m so cheesy.


Things change. People change. We change.

13. Compete with yourself

  • Competing with others will never satisfy you. You will realize that you are setting unrealistic goals for yourself but if you are your own opponent, you will reap much more benefits.

14. Choose to be healthy and happy

  • Vices, yes they are there, present and lurking in the dark. Given the fun and pleasure it gives, it is still no match for the long term benefits of being healthy thanks to healthy choices.

15. Be the best version of yourself

  • A friend once told me that you only live once, wouldn’t  be unfair if you don’t get to see YOUR best version?

Well, that wraps it up for now. I know there is more to add to this list. To be honest, I was aiming for 22 lessons but I found that they are mostly interconnected. I see “adulting” as a stage that people go through an adventure waiting to be traversed. Thank you for reading! Please leave your lessons learned on the comments below too! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Lessons Learned and “Adulting” at 22”

  1. It’s a facts post on some point. I second that. Now don’t know how long 22 has passed for me haha. Enjoy your twenties while you can 😀

  2. One year older but one year wiser too. We do learn a lot more about people and ourselves as we move on in life. Thanks for sharing these insights.

  3. Aww. you’re so young and wild and free 🙂
    I am 24 this year and get married on 22 y/o. I used to dream to get married when I was in college so that my husband will pick me up and so so.. But then, my friend think that I’m being ridiculous. My point is, you just have to be yourself and really ask weather this is what you want. Don’t follow others because they did it, but do it from your heart. 🙂

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