I stumbled upon this quote one day, “Isn’t it funny how day by day mount-yangbew-la-trinidad-hello-relynnothing changes but when you look back, everything is different,” (C.S. Lewis) and it reflected exactly what I’m feeling right now in life. A few months back I’m finishing my ESL masters and now I’m working in marketing. It’s downright confusing but utterly amazing at the same time that it gets me into a rollercoaster of emotions. Honestly, there are nights where I lie awake and just be… sad, but as soon as the sun rises I’m the bubbliest person in town. Until last week when we visited Mount Yangbew, it was the first time I climbed a mountain on foot and though its not the highest, a tiny girl like me felt like a kitten climbing a bed. It’s a struggle. But here’s my story:

Preparation and other Thoughts

I can’t help but feel contemplative when the spontaneous adventure is just minutes away. I didn’t get much sleep mainly because I was debating on what to wear haha. At 4:00 AM, got up and texted my friends and we set off. Spontaneous adventures really get to me, you’ll never know what to expect. You will either love it or hate it but might as well keep on going right?Hello-Relyn-Blog-Travel

The Climbing, The Panting, and The Climbing

I knew that my short legs would set me back a few minutes but you know what? I’m not in a hurry and simply savoring each step reminded me to take it slow and look around. Oh look! I can almost see the summit of this mountain. There were lots of trips and falls along the way but I’m proud of myself for making it this far.

Savoring the Summit

Atop the mountain, I felt exhausted and empowered because I’m legit taller than most people at this very moment – something I don’t experience a lot. A little exploring here and there we are met with some friendly horses. I was even “twinning” with one. Surely, lots of pictures were taken but in between, I made sure I savor each and every moment like the smiles on my friends faces, the calmness of the environment, and how the crisp morning wind flooded us like it replenished souls. Wow, that was emotional haha!mount-yangbew-la-trinidad-hello-relyn

Mount Yangbew Details

  • How to get there: A taxi can take you there but it will take around 100 pesos – a price better shared with friends. Jeepneys bound for Barangay Tawang is also available at the Centermall area.
  • How much will it take: No more than 200 pesos if you plan on bringing your snacks. That includes your transportation, environmental fee for 25 pesos.
  • Photos with horses are at 20 pesos (unlimited shots)
  • Mount Yangbew Fact! It is know as “Little Pulag” because of the sea of clouds view up top!



10 thoughts on “Life Updates + Conquering Mountains ft. Mount Yangbew”

  1. It’s great to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. Happy to know that you found joy doing something different from everyday routine and come out of it as a better person!

  2. wow! ‘m so inspired by the beautiful view! i’m not much of a climbing person but i think i know why many people do it! its lovely!

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