Every makeup lover starts with their own set of basic products.  From there, it branches out to more and more products. Basically, you learn from starting simple and in my experience I started with these products. I believe that they are must-haves to complete your everyday bags too. Please continue reading to learn more:

Bomgyol BB Cream – Php 480.00
  • BB Cream

BB Cream is one of the most versatile make up products ever made. It’s lightweight yet it gives you natural coverage that you can build up. BB Cream is just handy to be around literally because you can easy apply it with your fingers.

San-San Pressed Powder – Around Php 150.00
  • Pressed Powder

You don’t want to walk around like a disco ball. Thus, the humble pressed powder is on top of my list of makeup must-haves. When looking for a good powder, you want to achieve a matte finish without looking caked-up. A light dab using a powder brush is more than enough for combination skin like mine because you still want to retain a little bit of shine in the right areas. This is to portray healthy and glowing skin.

Php 150.00 @ Kering-Keri Store
  • Nude or Rosy Palette

When starting your makeup kit or you’re doing your makeup for the first time, it’s great to start with a nude or rosy palette. A versatile palette is all you need to transform your classy day look to a glammed-up look. In addition, you can also use the rosy tones in the palette as a blush. Yay!

Php 120.00
  • Eyelash curler and Mascara

Needless to say, thick and fluttery lashes are very attractive (for me). That’s why I try to make my itty bitty lashes stand out with a good curl and some volumizing mascara. On the other hand, if you want to stick to a natural and effortless look try out a brown mascara with lash conditioner.

Php 80.00
  • Blush and Highlight

Too pale? Bring some color to your skin with a rosy or peachy blush. I usually use a small amount concentrating on the apples of my cheeks and brushing it diagonally upwards. Correct highlighting is also great to achieve a glowing look. I personally love experimenting with highlights and blushes that is why they are a must in my basics kit.

Maybelline Lipstick – around Php 280.00



  • Lipstick

I chose a red and pink lippie because both of them are simply timeless. Pink is a versatile color, I think it can give out a girly vibe if you’re wearing a plain dress. If all else fails, a red lipstick will not only brighten your complexion but also your mood.

Here are my top five basics that need to be in every girl’s kikay kit. What are your essentials? Comment down below for your suggestions 🙂

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