Hello, everyone! How are you? I hope you are all doing great and feeling the best this November 🙂 November 9 is a very special day for my boyfriend and I because it is our 44th month as a couple and we are feeling proud of ourselves because we have stayed strong in the face of a long-distance relationship. Yes, it can be difficult but when you finally see each other, you make every minute or second of the day count *tears*


Anywho, on our special day, we have chosen Mother’s Garden and Cafe. Located at Upper Fairview Road, Quezon Hill, Mother’s Garden and Cafe is away from the busy streets of Baguio City and thanks to its location you can find a nice view of the city. We felt like we had the world to ourselves, as cheesy as it seems, we were able to catch up with each other’s lives while enjoying the chill ambience of the place.


Mother’s Garden and Cafe Menu

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This is their Halloween Menu when we asked the server what’s their specialty he first mentioned the Crispy Hito but we aren’t fans of hitos lol so he suggested the Tuscan Chicken and the Liempo Macau. We went with his suggestions since it is our first time in the restaurant. He also recommended that the meals are best paired with wine, but we opted for iced tea and water instead. (Shoutout to kuya, he was the most helpful server)



Guiltlessly Delicious

Servings were big, I actually had trouble finishing my meal haha but the food was tasty and their vinaigrette is not something I’ve tasted before because it’s fresh and has the right kick to it. Penne was al dente and the basil and nut sauce complimented the chicken well. For the Liempo Macau, my boyfriend liked that the meat was nice and soft and a great partner to the vinaigrette. For dessert, we also went with the waiter’s suggestion, which is their chocolate cake. Moist with the right sweetness, the cake topped with strawberries were a 10 out of 10 for us. The only downside for me is the iced tea because it was a little bland and I did not taste the lemongrass in it. Aside from that everything was great!garden-cake-hello-relyn

Surviving the Storm


Mother’s Garden and Cafe also had their share from the recent typhoon Lando that left lots of damages probably in the whole of Luzon. Thus, Mother’s Garden and Cafe is under renovation. We understood, of course, but it was still nice to stroll around their garden. Once again, we felt that the we are alone in the world.



Overall, it was a great experience to be out of the hustle and bustle of the central business district of Baguio. A day well spent with my loves hehe korni sorry na. <3 We’ll definitely come back to try out the other dishes and hope to see more of the garden blooming with various veggies and spices. When you are in Baguio, Mother’s Garden and Cafe is a must to visit; great for the family and kids will love the little animals and play place.


Thank you for reading <3

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