Baguio City is a growing hub of business and fast becoming a one-stop-shop for food, rest, and fun just like the other metro cities of the country. However, don’t you just want to unwind, relax, and basically take a breather from the stress of your world? Well, if you are looking for a new place to visit in the City of Pines then Mother’s Garden and Cafe is a great option.

I have blogged about Mother’s Garden and Cafe before and one thing that has not changed is the ambience of the place – peaceful and intimate. It’s perfect for those times when you want to escape; escape from hectic schedules, heavy paperwork, and irritable noise of people. A place to focus on yourself and the people who matter.

What’s New at Mother’s Garden and Cafe?

You might be wondering why the menu changes every now and then, this is because the owner, who is fully hands-on in the preparation of food and cooking, loves to experiment with a big variety of food. Thus, you may expect that there would always be something new on the menu. People of all ages especially millennials like me have this opportunity to open our taste buds to a whole new world of cuisine. I appreciate the owner very much because of her advocacy to teach people about organic food and cooking, through her simple act she is able to spread the importance of healthy living.

Here’s a sneek peak into Mother’s Garden and Cafe, a homey and elegant ambience is felt in the second floor of the restaurant while the garden on the first floor is best enjoyed during day time because of the al fresco dining ambience.

Mother’s Garden and Cafe: Platte Europa

Platte Europa – Php 888.00 Ham Steak, Veal Bratwurst Schublig Italian and Cervelat Sausages with Sauerkraut sauteed in wine and pan-fried potatoes. Good for family of four

A hearty feast fitting the holiday season, the Platte Europa is a smorgasbord of sausages and hams that will take your palate on a tour of Europe. The Platte Europa brings you specifically to Germany, Italy and Hungary for their smoky sausages and hams. Balancing and complimenting the meat is the sauerkraut that is marinated with only their best aged white wine with a hint of sweetness coming from the apples that come into the preparation. The Platte Europa is best partnered with a tall, cold, glass of beer.

The menu says its good for a family of four but we were six in the group and the Platte Europa is good for us too.

Mother’s Garden and Cafe: New Menu

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Mother’s Garden and Cafe: A Frozen Lightshow

Met Queen Elsa at the Mother’s Garden and Cafe Lightshow
Photo from Mother’s Garden and Cafe Facebook Page
  •  Exclusive for Dine-in Guests Only
  • Mother’s Garden and Cafe is open Mondays to Sundays (11 AM to 9 PM)
  • A sneak peak of this amazing light show by Aldreen!

Spend time with your family and let them feel how much you love and appreciate them. They are the ones that make the cold weather extra warm, the food taste extra delicious, and the holidays extra special. Christmas is for the family and I hope that you will have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Cheers!

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