Sixteen days into September and this is the first post for this month! O_O Goodness me, what have I been doing? Lol. However, we are back at it again and I wanted to share my experience in Km 3 La Trinidad, Benguet that has been the talk of the town recently. This is a huge and colorful mural that you cannot miss because of the striking colors against the houses on a mountain. 

Colors of Stobosa


Baguio City and La Trinidad are commonly known for people building their houses in the mountains. Well, for some this could be an eye sore but through art it became a gigantic and vibrant mural thanks to the local artists in partnership with the local government. Just 3 kilometers away from Baguio’s Central Business District and a few meters away from the Bell Church is the  Stonehill, Botiwtiw and Sadjap (STOBOSA) in Barangay Balili, La Trinidad.

Contagious Vibrance


We visited the Stobosa on a nice, warm day and it was definitely and eye catcher. There was this happy feeling about the giant mural that makes you feel happy and positive maybe it was because of the vibrant colors. The place brings a smile to whoever passes by. I heard that the place is still in the works but so far I give it a thumbs-up. Maybe in the future, I would come back and check out the finished artwork.

Mural Musings


While I was there, I can’t help but be contemplative of the place. Though the positivity that surrounds it, it portrays life in La Trinidad, Benguet. It was sort of a metaphor for life that despite the challenges we face daily we have all the right to stay positive and have hope for a brighter future. Me, at the awkward age of 21, is still a bit lost in the adult world and truth be told I don’t know what to do most of the time but I choose to be positive. I choose to be optimistic and stay true to what I want to be.

I definitely encourage everyone – local or tourist to visit the Colors of Stobosa for a dose of positivity. Share with me your experience too. Just comment below 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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