April was one whirl of a month for me, lots of exciting and inspiring travel experiences, lots of new food that my taste buds enjoyed, and lots of happy memories to keep. Since I haven’t posted a favorites post in a while like literally since last year lol, I decided to post one today 🙂 Thus, here are my April favorites:

L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

Beauty MNL – Php 600.00

My skin is a little tricky. There would be a time where my foundation sits perfectly well on my face and I’m very happy with that but sometimes it looks patchy and weird. I believe its my period or what I’m eating that’s behind it but because of this I tend to try other foundations every now and then. Despite this, I saw myself coming back to the L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation. I like how buildable the foundation is without feeling like you’ve got tons of makeup on and it sets to a matte finish as well. It also works well with the True Match primer.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Push-up Drama Mascara


Personally, all mascaras that I have tried are the same. I honestly don’t notice a big difference and it’s really a nuisance washing it off. Sometimes I feel that it damages the lashes too. However, when I used the Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Falsies Push-up Drama Mascara (that’s a mouthful! haha) I got a lot of compliments and people asking what I’m using cause at the end of the day even if I’m tired AF my lashes are still so perky. So, yup, definitely part of my favorites this one <3

Skin Genie’s Tomato Facial Mask

Beauty MNL – Php 250.00

Time for skin care! My skin has been begging me for attention these days and I am trying to make up for it by buying just a bunch of skin care items. I’ve been using Skin Genie’s Tomato Facial Mask for a while now and I love the scent! Omg~ I just want to lather this all over my body but I did contain myself and used the product correctly. It’s a great pick-me up after a long day. A treat yo’self kind of product :3

Nivea Refreshing Toner

Lazada – Php 169.00

For some weeks, I’ve been using the Kojie San toner and tbh it was not for me. The alcohol in it was too strong that it literally stung my eyes while I use it but in all fairness it did it’s job and I luckily didn’t break out. I’m ready to move on now and I am very much satisfied with Nivea’s Refreshing Toner. So far, no breakouts or any weird reactions. Thumbs up!

Skin Genie’s Anti-EYEging

Beauty MNL – Php 150.00

Lastly, and definitely not least is another Skin Genie product, their Anti-EYEging serum. It is packed with great ingredients like Cucumber Extract and Vitamin E. I also use is as a primer before applying makeup and I works just fine. Now, I see why it’s always sold out.

And that is a wrap for April! I am looking forward to exploring and reviewing more products for the succeeding months. What about you, what are your favorites this month?

Thank you for reading! Photos by yours truly 🙂

16 thoughts on “My April Favorites”

  1. Hahhaha it’s so funny and cute the way you said you wanted to lather the tomato facial mask all over your body…hehheheh maybe you could try finding similar for the body that is also tomato base?

  2. I saw the mascara in the pharmacy the other day and was looking at its claims of how it will lengthen and volumnise the lashes and thought to myself how great the claims were. And now with your review I Am definitely looking at grabbing it soon

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