Home is where my heart is, however, it is nice to pamper yourself once in a while and when I was invited to a 3-day, 2 night Photographer’s Event at Azalea Baguio, it was an easy yes.
Also, I’d love to learn and practice as much as I can from the distinguished photographers who attended.  Here is my experience at one of the best hotels in Baguio:

Ombre Skies
The View from our Suite

Day 1

On the first day, we checked-in late because I had work and as I recall we were roaming around the city to give out flyers and stuff. At 6 PM, my family and I checked-in and the first thing I noticed was the warm welcome of the staff. It honestly feels like I’ve been here a long time ago.

Hot Pot Night
Fridays 6-10 PM
Php 395 per adult, 50% of for kids

For dinner, the photographer families and we assembled in Tradisyon Restaurant for their Hot Pot Night. I was amazed to see so many ingredients for the hot pot, it was hard to choose, but I know that the glutton in me wants to taste them all (wahaha!) After this delightful meal, we retired for the night.

Day 2

Day two is most awaited because of the activities lined-up for us. In the morning, a cook fest was arranged. We were given the basic ingredients to make chicken dishes, we chose Chicken Afritada and Tinolang Manok. These two are my favorites and there is definitely nothing like Mama’s cooking. After cooking, the food all three families prepared were arranged on a long table and we dined as one big family.

Mama’s Afritada for the Cookfest

While having lunch, the clouds came and it definitely looked like rain but nothing can stop us from having fun. We ventured next to Tam-awan Village, an artistic and indigenous place that celebrates Cordillera culture and art. Sadly, due to the rain, the stones were slippery and it made climbing more difficult. Nevertheless, we still had fun.


Cordillera Clubhouse Sandwich
With Kiniing – Traditional Smoked Meat
Php 220.00
Portrait Sketches by the Tam-awan Artists (Php 150.00 / person)

The highlight of the day was getting our own sketched portraits. I am honestly jealous of people who draw well and fast, it saddens the hopeless artist in me. Lols. In fairness, the artist was good, she surely got the features right hehe.


For dinner, we had a Pizza Party thanks to Tradisyon Restaurant. Their Pizza, Pasta, Salad buffet was to die for! So many choices, so little time.

Movie Night

Topping the night off with a great movie and chips! hehe

Day 3

Last day of our stay and I never wanted to leave. It feels like home already and the people were so nice and friendly. *sigh* I made lots of friends and I learned heaps about photography. Azalea would always have a special place in my heart not just because of their homey design, but it was because of the people.

My Family

I felt happy and blessed to be apart of this event and I highly recommend Azalea Hotels and Residences to fully experience the City of Pines.

Thank you for reading, loves 🙂

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