Whenever I imagine what my dream home would look like, I imagine it to be comfy yet stylish and modern. I imagine sunlight streaming into my room in the morning while I get ready for a productive day ahead. I also imagine my home to be a haven for me to spend time with family and friends.


Home is where the heart is

As a Baguio girl, it is hard to imagine myself living away from my hometown that is the City of Pines. The fresh air, towering trees, and small town feels just makes me attached even more. I think most people would like to reside in the midst of nature cause not only is it great for physical health but for holistic health as well.


Where Convenience and Comfort Meet

As a millennial of this era, I imagine my dream home to have the modern amenities. Millennials today are always on the go thus the proximity to the city is a must. I admire Residences at Brent because they have something others don’t; convenience, since the Central Business District is a few minutes away, and comfort¬†because of its peaceful atmosphere and green surroundings.


Safe and Sound

What is a beautiful house without the presence of security? I, for one, agree with this because it is not enough that you lock your doors at night these days. Thus, at Residences at Brent, security is a top priority. Guards monitor the premises 24/7 and CCTV cameras are strategically located in various areas.


More to Come

The delightful experience continues with Residences at Brent’s third project with the launch of Forbes Hall. With the success of the first two buildings, Residences at Brent would like to elevate the standards of quality and design inspired by the captivating beauty of Baguio City.


The Residences at Brent is located at Brent Road, Baguio City. More information is available thru the website www.theresidencesatbrent.com. You can also keep in touch with them through Facebook – Residences at Brent.


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  1. Definitely #goals. How I dream to one day just stay in a home like that and read a book. <3 I don't think I would ever go out. Hahaha

  2. Great article! The cozy ambiance and the serene environment was captured by the descriptions of the author. Thank you very much Hellorelyn.com for the awesome feature.

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