I love Korea! Their spicy food, heartwarming dramas, and makeup products are some of the reasons why I love them. In the makeup industry, Koreans are famous for their dewy and baby-like skin and if you watch Korean makeup tutorials on YouTube you will definitely notice this trend. However, Korean products are expensive here in the Philippines and so when Beautiful Mind, allowed me to try the Bomgyol products that are made in Korea, I was more than happy (ecstatic even) to test it out. I have high expectations and here is my take on the Bomgyol products.



Starting with their Power Whitening Gel. Its main ingredients include rose flower oil, aloe vera, and collagen. It claims to whiten, moisture, and improve the skin’s elasticity (sounds good, hehe). I used this product as a primer although I still saw my pores peeking through but I felt my skin become bouncier or more plumped. Also, it did not feel sticky on the skin, which is a plus. So far, so good it was not itchy or anything.



Next is their BB Cream, which is packed with good ingredients as well like shea butter and snail mucous extracts. It also has SPF30, PA+++. I got their only shade which is natural beige. I applied a pea-sized amount on the back of my hand and evenly spread on my face. The finish is dewy and lightweight. Since it’s a BB Cream, I did not expect a good coverage but it evened out my skin tone in just one layer (not bad for a BB Cream).


Last and the one I am most excited for is the Natural Shining Cream. I already imagined the healthy and dewy skin of Korean actresses like Park Shin Hye and Han Ye Seul. The Natural Shining Cream’s ingredients are camellia oil and shea butter. The cream looks as if it has fine glitter and I applied the product on the high points of my face. It definitely gave a healthy, glowing touch to my dry skin (Yay!).






I had high expectations and Bomgyol products definitely did not disappoint. A little goes a long way for the products and it will surely last you for a long time. Of all the products, my favorite was the Natural Shining Cream because of the glow it gave me. For Php 399/cream (Introductory Price), the creams are a must-try not only for Korea fans but also for people who want to achieve that healthy, dewy skin that everyone is raving about.

Interested? You can know more about them here: https://www.facebook.com/BeautifulMindProducts?fref=ts

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