When I decided to become a blogger, I got most of my inspiration from the wonderful people on Youtube. I admired their unique personality and how it is incorporated in their art and that is beauty. Beauty is definitely skin deep and beyond the foundation and skin care products. These Youtubers I admire are not only inspiring but #makeupgoals at the same time. Besides, I love me some Youtube any time, any day.

Weylie (ilikeweylie)

Weylie is just my spirit animal! She is just realness in a bottle and her aesthetics in making her videos is simply elegant-looking and all around amazing. Weylie is also like a sister from another mother because her advice has got me through some tough times in my life. Weylie is Chinese and is currently in San Francisco, her vlogs give me so much life as well. I recommend you to watch her vids because it is not just pleasing to the eyes but a light watch after a long day.

Check her awesome Instagram here!

Bubz (bubzbeauty)

You know that person whom you just met but it felt like you’re long time friends already? That is what I felt when I first watched Bubz. Her bubbly and positive attitude made my life turn and I was convinced to look into the good in things rather thanĀ its imperfections. Bubz’ outlook in life together with her convenient beauty hacks are just what I need to start the day right.

Check out her cute family on Instagram here

Nikkie (nikkietutorials)

I first watched Nikkie a year ago and there is no way back. Her makeup and makeup skills are always on point that I am glued to my phone or my laptop instantly. She is just so creative when it comes to makeup and you can definitely see the effort and passion that goes into her art. I admire that she always comes back with a video that is just as good and even better than the last one. Her witty personality is also a big plus because it has me giggling throughout her vids.

Her awesome Instagram here

Jeffree (jeffreestar)

I recently started watching Jeffree Star about a month ago and I found myself binge-watching his videos. He has been a makeup-slash-beauty icon through the years and I am inspired to continue discovering makeup and exploring stuff about it. Back to Jeffree, his Barbie-glam looks are eye-catching but what I love the most about him is that he just shrugs the haters away and continues being his fab self. Love, love, love his makeup skills that always shows off his personality – never short of fabulousness and did I mention he has his own makeup line? WOW.

His IG hereĀ 

Tess Christine (tesschristine)

Last but definitely not least is Tess Christine, a beauty and fashion blogger who is also inspiring a lot of people in the health and fitness category. Whenever I see a video of hers, she gives me the ultimate beach and boho vibes because of her laidback style. On some days, she also reminds me of a Selena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. I love the versatility of her style and how she recreates celebrity style to affordable yet similar clothes. Her editing skills are also great and best in HD.

Get updated with her style here.

Yes! Those are my top fives for beauty vloggers on Youtube. I see them not just as beauty goals but life inspiration as well. They inspire me to write and hopefully become a beauty vlogger myself in the future. Comment down below if you watch them too and feel free to suggest Beauty vloggers and I will check them out.

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