Baguio City is not as safe as it was before. Recently, on a news report, theft, robbery, and other crimes have increased to an alarming rate. That’s why you can see everyone has their guard up because in a blink of an eye a valuable of yours can be taken away. Just this December, I was a little reckless and I have to admit that I was preoccupied at that time when I lost my cell phone, rather, my mother’s cell phone in a taxi cab.

I was very worried because the cell phone is not mine and for sure my mom will kill me if she knew about this. It took me about 20 minutes to notice that the phone was missing. My friend and I are looking everywhere maybe we just left it somewhere until it dawned to us that it was definitely on the taxi. A part of me was pretty hopeless because I’ve had a bad experience before in losing things in taxis and never getting it back, but I there is still a glimmer of hope because I remembered that I have a copy of the receipt, so I called the number on the receipt… To my dismay, no one was answering.

Never give up, they say! So we got into another cab to which is luckily a GrabTaxi. At first, we decided to go to the police station and hope for the best but the GrabTaxi driver asked if the taxi where we left my phone is a GrabTaxi as well. We remembered that yes it was so he suggested that we head to GrabTaxi’s Baguio HQ to be sure. True enough, I was really touched because they did not waste any second in searching for the cab driver and finally, a voice answered and I felt a wave of relief when the┬ádriver said that the phone was still there and he is very willing to give it back.

*all the feels*

Best customer service I have experienced so far and it made me really happy just to see them willing to help. In this crazy world we live in, we have to be very careful because you’ll never know what will happen next. I have experienced hurt and pain and just a lot of negativity even from people I don’t know. It gives me a warm feeling that there are still people who help all year round not only during the holiday season.

A big shout out to GrabTaxi and Dolet Taxi of Baguio City for the help. More Power and God Bless!


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