Recently, fellow Baguio influencers and I had the opportunity to learn more about PayMaya and Smart Padala. To be honest, I did not entirely catch their business concept the first time I’ve heard about it and that first time was during the Online Influencers Bootcamp I (You can check it out here: My Online Shopping Habit). But now that it is clearer and trying it on my own illuminated a dark room in my mind honestly made me feel more secure when shopping online.


What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is a free and secure app that allows everyone to shop and pay bills online without any hassle and credit card. ┬áSimply download the PayMaya app at the Google Play Store or the App Store. After registering you’ll be given your own virtual visa prepaid card with a unique 16-digit number.

PayMaya Fact: PayMaya is now in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). As the region grows economically, PayMaya grows with CAR for a positive and long-lasting impact.

My PayMaya Experience

Online shopping is something I am still adjusting to and it is fun to know great apps like PayMaya that make you experience safer transactions online. I was confused at first because I lost the last number I used to register for the app but later I found out that you just need to re-register your new number. After that, you’ll be sent a confirmation code then back to shopping you go.

PayMaya Hack: You can use your PayMaya card to pay for your ride in any beep-powered transportation like the MRT and LRT.

Shopping with PayMaya was definitely easier compared to other processes especially the Cash on Delivery (COD) choice which is my usual option. The convenience that PayMaya offers in shopping allows you to be more flexible with your payments too. On the other hand, I think a possible hassle for  me in using the app is reloading it.

Easy, convenient, and secure: Smart Padala

Smart Padala, another flagship service under PayMaya, is also a convenient way of sending and receiving money. I tried it before too with my cousin from another region, and the transaction was smooth and painless. With two easy steps, fill out the transaction slip that includes the recipient’s mobile number and amount then hand it to the Smart Padala agent, now you can send money to anybody.

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