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On June 27, 2015 Pancake House finally opened a branch at SM City Baguio where their pancake goodness is more accessible to the hungry public. As part of that public, I am blessed to take part of their opening and to try new dishes that basically melted my heart.

First is the interior, the place is warmly colored that makes you feel at home and relaxed. Paired with their lovely staff, you will definitely start your day right. Moreover, the staff greets you with a smile and are happy to serve you. I, for one, truly believe that a restaurant that has a nice design, delicious food but inhospitable staff is not a place to visit. The unwelcoming feeling usually puts me off and makes me want to leave immediately.


I tried to be unorthodox and started with dessert and coffee. I ordered the Peach Waffles and it was nothing short of perfection. The waffle was soft and chewy and the peaches were fruity which is a pleasant surprise for me because the usual waffles that I’ve tried so far were average. You know what I don’t like about coffee? It’s that you already packed a lot of creamers and sugar and it still tastes hella’ bitter. I did not have that experience at Pancake House because it only took a packet of cream and 2 packets of brown sugar to suit my taste. Say what you must but that is my preference.

On the pancakey side, the blueberry pancake was also bomb because they were generous in blueberries and the pancake was tasty. You can pair it with coffee but it’s also great on its own. In addition, the banana walnut pancake is also a must-try. More than pancakes, there is also a wide array of dishes to choose from. Children would also love their Spaghetti Meatball because of its sweet blend.

Overall, my experience was filling and delightful. Believe it or not it is my first time at any Pancake House restaurant and it really lived up to my expectations. I highly recommend the place for everybody. Please do visit, the nearest branch is at the Upper Ground Floor front veranda at SM City Baguio.

Pancake House Fun 🙂

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