Being born and raised in a tourist spot didn’t mind me at all, I was unfazed about whatever is happening in my city. Quite honestly, I didn’t care. My cousins from the provinces always admired Baguio City and spent every moment of their visit in the same, old places. In my mind, I wonder what is there to see here. Am I not seeing the things they admire and come back for? However, now that I am older, I’ve come to appreciate my city and love it for what it is. In that moment, I found my reasons.

A Perfect Blend


If Baguio were a type of coffee, I’d say it’s like my perfect blend – smooth and creamy but provides the right amount of energy to start, continue, or end my day. (Yes, I like to drink a lot of coffee) You see, Baguio City is like a mixture of a city and a countryside. You’ll love the easy access to the essentials and you can still escape the hustle and bustle in a jiffy – something that’s difficult to achieve in the metro. Plus, lots of secret hideaways and quiet spots to meditate in and just be alone with your thoughts.

A Maze to Explore


Every now and then, a new restaurant or cafe pops up in the city and even as a local it can be a challenge looking for it. You feel like you’re rediscovering the city. Baguio is definitely like a kaleidoscope because in every angle there’s something different you haven’t noticed before. A treat for first-timers and Nth-timers alike.

A Book to Devour


More than just quirky restaurants and greenery, Baguio’s art scene is alive and kicking. Artists of all kinds flock to the city for a fresh whiff of inspiration or to replenish their artistic juices. National and award-winning artists such as BenCab and Kidlat Tahimik chose to reside in Baguio most probably because of the artsy atmosphere and laid back ambiance.

A Haven for All


When I hear the word ‘haven,’ it is not just a scenic place with a great view but it could also be a person you love, or a place where you feel the most safe. Haven means you can do the things you love without any difficulty. Haven means you’re happy. I hope you find your haven. I hope you find it in Moldex Residences, Baguio City.

Moldex Residences Baguio


Surrounded by verdant nature, Moldex Residences Baguio truly represents the city with its mountain-lodged theme where each unit showcases a panoramic view of the City of Pines. At the moment, only two of the seven buildings have been constructed and fully-furnished but this is definitely good news for people who are planning to lock in their “forever” in the city in the near future.

Nevertheless, you can get the most out of your Baguio experience through Moldex Residences’ cornucopia of amenities and facilities such as a fitness gym, Jacuzzi, lounge area, picnic areas, multipurpose halls for events and plenty more. As a resident, you can be as active, relaxed, social, or private as you wish.


With these reasons I’ve fallen in love with my city once again. I hope you’ll also find these reasons enough to show some love to the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Thank you for reading!

11 thoughts on “Reasons to Fall In Love with Baguio City All Over Again”

  1. It’s always difficult for us to find beauty in our own back yard. Spending time to get to know our hometown, we will surely see things in a different way.

  2. I would wana visit Baguio after all the things that you have shared about your city. Seeing the city through the eyes of a local is really different and more interesting

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