It’s been ages since my last beauty product review and I am more than ecstatic to test the Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream. I’ve tried Myra-E products before like their pressed powder and vitamins and I have to say that it is a must that I try their BB Cream because of its reputable quality. I was anticipating a price that is mid-range to expensive but it was a pleasant surprise to know that it is only Php 98.00.

About the Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream

The Myra-E Vita Glow is rich with minerals and SPF 15 and it claims to even out skin tone and give out a natural coverage. The packaging is simple and pink, its lightweight size makes it easy to carry around in your kikay kit if you are always on the go like me. It contains 20mL of the product. In addition, Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream is hypoallergenic and Dermatologist tested. I bought the product at St. Joseph Drugstore located along mid-Session Road, Baguio City.


Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream: First Impression

What I love about the Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream is its light coverage that is perfect for everyday wear. The coverage is just right and it gives you great sun protection because of its SPF 15. The coverage is buildable and it does have a slight sticky feeling after application but it is barely noticable after setting in powder. What I also loved about the Myra-E Vita Glow is that the expiration date is printed in the side of the tube, very helpful for people like me who likes to hoard products haha.


The shade that I got is Beige and I think that it is fit to my skin color, which has a pinkish undertone however in some lighting it seems that I have a yellow undertone. It is available in the colors Ivory (Yellow-tone) and Beige (Pink-tone).


Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream: Test

Before applying the BB Cream, I prepped my face by washing it and applying moisturizer. This is my bare face and as you can see, I have dark circles from stress and lack of sleep. Luckily, I don’t have a lot of blemishes to cover up aside from freckles and small pimple marks.


After the application, I went ahead to my usual makeup routine and I settled for a glowy neutral look that is perfect for everyday wear. I only used one layer of the BB Cream and although it covered most of my blemishes it did not do my under eyes justice! Haha. As you can see, my dark circles are still peaking through the BB Cream. On the other hand, my pores are lightly covered and was not really annoying throughout the day.


Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream: The Verdict

The BB Cream’s miss for me is that its fragrance is too strong and it takes a while for it to subside. I was also not in favor of the glitters in the cream, it was too much for me and it is distracting if you have too much highlight on your face. I mean, I get the glowy effect it wants to achieve but it went overboard with the glitter. Overall, I think it is still a great product for everyday use, I also recommend this for students because I know the struggle of getting up early and rushing to school.


What about you? Have you tried the Myra-E Vita Glow BB Cream? Share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Thank you for reading <3

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