Education, as my parents told me, is a gift that nobody can take away from you. It is a key ingredient to success that enables us to become better people but it does not give us any right to belittle others. In fact, education must be used to empower not only ourselves but each other. With the advent of technology, traditional instructors or teachers fear that technology will overpower them and leave them useless. Although we cannot stop technology from its rapid growth, we can use it to our advantage and convenience. Nowadays, educational apps like Quipper School allows students and teachers to enjoy learning.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

I remember as a student, using cell phones in class is a big no-no. Use your cell phone or even bring it out during class hours is just a recipe for detention. The only access to technology that we had was during the Technology and Home Economics class. Times have definitely changed because today, technology is applicable to any subject in school. It is now a must that we have a laptop or any gadget to access information.

Quipper School has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for teachers to navigate the site and on the other hand, students think less of the “formalness” of school and just have fun. The e-learning site is an opportunity for students to explore their capabilities by mastering an exam and acquiring points for every successful exam. Teachers also have the chance to interact with fellow educators on the lesson they have created. 


Convenience at its finest

Gone are the days where we submit everything in paper and without paper you have no evidence to show your parents your quiz scores, grades, and whatnot. Today, we have the Quipper School that allows teachers and students to interact online without the hassle of meeting face-to-face outside class hours and seemingly endless time of answering and checking heaps of test papers. As a free e-learning platform, Quipper School is envisioned as an interactive site that supplements lessons with its ready-made content that teachers can also contribute.


Why go digital?

Aside from being a big convenience to both teachers and students, technology through websites such as the Quipper School is an avenue for different types of students to enjoy learning. Learning is a beautiful thing that allows us to become our best selves. Digital is our world today and it is not hard to imagine that everything will be online in the future. Going digital today is an opportunity for schools to maximize a student’s learning experience thus it is a win-win situation for everybody. Among the features of Quipper School include excellent K-12 content, learning management platform, analytics to monitor student performance, easy access, instant feedback, and many more.

Revolutionizing Education (3)

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