I used to love facial scrubs. Using facial scrubs with the tiny beads felt like giving myself a treat after a long day or a reward after a tiring week. I don’t use it on a daily basis but I just love the mini massage feeling on my face when I’m using facial scrubs. Another thing why I kept using it is that it helps cleanse my face from makeup and dirt residue. Just a few days back, I have come across this article entitled “The US is set to ban soaps and body washes containing microbeads.” Reading the article have opened my eyes to the evil behind those teeny tiny beads and I swore to never use it again, even if I just bought a new bottle of Human Heart Nature Facial Scrub a few weeks ago (Painfully, I threw it away). Together, let’s Say No to Microbeads and Go Au Naturel!

Why Say No! to Microbeads

There are plenty of reasons why we need to say no to microbeads and this does not only mean for our skin but beyond that too. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Say No! to Microbeads because the skin on our face is very thin and sensitive so we need not to use scrubs often or on a daily basis. Thus, we can easily do away with the scrubs.
  2. Say No! to Microbeads because we can use natural or organic products that can do just the same (even better) with facial scrubs.
  3. Say No! to Microbeads because it has done significant damage already in the ocean and other bodies of water.
  4. Say No! to Microbeads because fishes and other sea animals are poisoned because they mistake these plastic beads as food.
  5. Say No! to Microbeads because in the end of all these, we are the ones affected. We must consider this now and act fast or suffer the severe consequences later.

Refusing to purchase any product that contains plastic microbeads is just the first step. We can also avoid other little but detrimental things to our environment like littering or improper waste disposal. Referring to an old quotation that says “one pebble can make a thousand ripples,” our small acts, whether it be bad or good, can cause a ripple-like action in our society.

I am happy to read that big companies like Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, The Body Shop, L’Oreal, Colgate-Palmolive have started phasing out products with microbeads in it as soon as possible. I do hope that more and more companies will follow suit.


Au Naturel Alternatives to Microbeads

Now that microbead’s turn in the limelight left a bitter taste in our tongues, it’s time to look for other alternatives that can do the same job but is environment-friendly. If you are a facial scrub lover like me, transitioning to a greener alternative might be a challenge but with natural cleansers like these forgetting about microbeads will be a breeze.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are not only yummy but also very helpful for the skin. Create your own fase mask/cleanser from your favorite fruits and vegetables. For example, papayas, avocados, cucumbers, mangoes, and bananas can do wonders to your skin because fresh fruits contain enzymes that can remove dead skin cells, cleanse pores, and remove excess oil.

2. Baking Soda

Surprisingly, baking soda can not just remove the dirt from your pans and tiles but also in your face! Just remember to add a pinch of baking soda in a few cups of water and wash away. Don’t put too much because it can dry your skin and we don’t want that of course 🙂

3. Raw Organic Honey

Honey is not just a sweet addition to your tea but it can also be a great alternative to other products with ingredients that seem out of this world! Honey as a cleanser can gently remove impurities and dirt without removing the natural oils of the skin.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used as a toner since it is a natural disinfectant with antibacterial properties. Apple cider vinegar has multiple benefits such as curing acne and pimples. Just remember to dilute the apple cider vinegar in a lot of water because it is too harsh on its own.

5. Rice Water

Rice is such a staple in our community but did you know that rice water has been a beauty secret of many Asian women too? Rice water contains vitamins such as B1, C, E, and other minerals that can do a lot of goodies like shrink pores and tighten skin. Most importantly, rice water is a very gentle cleanser (Major Plus!). Prepare your rice water cleanser by washing the rice and draining it of any dirt and add water again. Let it seep in for about 15 minutes and place the rice water in a container. (DIY Coming Soon!)



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