Being the scaredy cat that I know I am, I challenged myself to try the very first and only live escape room in the city which is Locked In Baguio. I’ve watched the Saw series and it terrified me to the core, knowing that you are playing this game which places you in a scarred-forever life or an excruciating and sad death. Delightful, yes. However, I wonder what I would do in that situation. Am I the only one? Or am I secretly masochistic? JK.

Test of Friendship | Locked In Baguio


Being in a time-constricted puzzle does not really bring out your friendliest side – which is perfect for you and your best friends! Locked In Baguio tests how you work as a team by unlocking mind-boggling puzzles to get to the next lock. What I love about it was the all-around experience complete with music, props, and the challenging situations. My heart was thumping while we racked our brains for the answers and it honestly felt like the bass dropped on my heart every time the light switched off and a bang on the wall was heard.


For the Brave of Heart | Locked In Baguio


At Locked In Baguio, you’ll only be given an hour to solve the situation and get yourselves out of the room. The escape room features three different situations to choose from – The Psycho’s Lair, The House on the Misty Road (Baguio Urban Legends), and The Summer’s Nightmare. The situations last for a couple of months before changing to something new. The Summer’s Nightmare is the latest and one of the most terrifying! So better check it out!

Fame or Shame | Locked In Baguio


We did it! Although we were not successful in the Misty Road, we conquered The Summer’s Nightmare! Overall, it was an amazing experience for a scaredy cat like me, I definitely recommend tourists and locals alike to try Locked In Baguio especially this summer season.

Entrance Fee:

Group of 7: Php 250.00 each

Less than 7: Php 350.00 each

Creepy photos by Hanaoka Photography

9 thoughts on “A Scaredy Cat in Locked In Baguio”

  1. Sounds fun! It’ll take a lot of self convincing on my part though before I do decide to try it out with friends. Lol, I can’t even read horror books during the night.

  2. Escape rooms are really cool. The closest one to me is 3 hours away. I am very excited to learn about the different escape rooms out there! Thanks for sharing. It looks quite scary.

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