One rainy day, I got up and gazed outside my rusty window, there I saw fog come down from the sky and silently kissing houses’ roofs. The view was so relaxing and calm that it made me whisper, “wow, I love Baguio.” Baguio, we have this love and hate relationship where I have to admit I kinda hate you these days because of your bipolar weather. Nevertheless, I still love you.┬áThus, I also appreciate that big brands are also going local with their products and Pancake House Baguio recently introduced an array of dishes inspired by strawberries!

PHP 240.00

Here we have the Baguio Crunch Salad, a sweet and tasty salad with a crunch because of the added peanut brittle on top. Just a refreshing delight that wraps up your trip to the highlands. What I love about it is its Strawberry Vinaigrette that balances the taste of the dish. I am also happy to hear that all the products are proudly from Benguet.

PHP 180.00

Don’t you just love pancakes for breakfast? I do and I love strawberries as well and this ^ this right here is a combination of two of my favorite things. The pancakes are nice and fluffy and just like a canvass the strawberries and cream AND peanut brittle create a beautiful art that tastes nothing less of amazing. Add more sweetness to the pancakes by dousing it with strawberry syrup.

PHP 117.00

Lastly, is the Strawberry Tea Smoothie a refreshing drink best for a warm day and best partner for savory dishes. I think it my favorite out of the bunch. I just love cold drinks even on a cold day, yep that’s me. Haha I can’t wait to come back for more. I recommend tourists and locals to try out the twists that Pancake House bring to the classic pasalubongs in Baguio City.

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