As Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” thumped on the radio, I devoured my crema de fruta cake slice.

I honestly feel like a creep sometimes because I linger a little bit outside of a coffee shop or restaurant before entering lol. But anyway I find myself at this well hid cake shop along Mabini Street. This busy street is surrounded with construction stuff so I just pass by it quickly, really didn’t want to stay long but today’s spontaneous adventure led me to Red Cherries Cake Shop.


I thought to myself “but… I don’t want cake” but shrugged the crazy idea away, “it’s cake Relyn, you need it in your life.” Upon entering this quaint shop I noticed the goods already but it sort of saddened me that the goodies are running out (it was late in the afternoon when I arrived). The kind lady who I’m guessing was the owner looked at me and asked me what I want lol creep vibes once again. I chose quickly and pointed at a cake.


I got the Crema de Fruta cake (Php 50/slice) together with a bottle of soda. The cake was no less heavenly even if it is late in the afternoon. I was very happy with the creamy filling inside. I felt like I was not in Baguio anymore just a different place like I fell into the rabbit hole. I looked around and saw lists of the cake they made, I can’t help but feel curious about what these taste like especially the Enganos de Bobos (Sounds so foreign kasi) and the Strawberry Blush sounds too cute. haha


Ta-da!~ The crema de fruta cake, it may not look much but it is hella bomb. A cake is still a cake no matter the looks haha

Will definitely come back for more  but trying the other cakes, I hear they also have savory food like Baked Mac and Lasagna. Some of my favorite things are in this place! I may not give it justice through the photos but I highly, highly, high af recommend the place.

Stay tuned 🙂

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