Hello there! August finally bid us goodbye and now we welcome another September which is my birthday month! (Yay!) But before we get into the September vibes, let’s recall what made August an awesome month. Here are my August beauty and random favorites and if you are interested please continue reading 🙂 <3


  • Celeteque Dermoscience Facial Wash and Moisturizer

First on my list is Celeteque’s Facial Wash and Moisturizer. These products are very gentle on my skin. In addition, I found out that despite it being gentle it successfully removes the gunk and makeup on my face. Which is a plus, of course. On the other hand, the moisturizer is a great partner for the facial wash because it brings back the moisture. Moreover, what I love the most about the moisturizer is that it’s neither sticky nor heavy when applied.


  • Naked 3 by Urban Decay

Rosy and neutral. Naked 3 is just perfect for everyday makeup or you can glam it up to a romantic or semi-smokey look. This versatile palette made my August awesome because it took my everyday look into something with a little more oomph. Two-thumbs up indeed! <3


  • Olive Farm Pencil&Brush Eyebrow Pencil

I am not good at shaping and defining my eyebrows (tbh) but with this pencil I can achieve a decent eyebrow without going overboard. It’s creamy formula makes it easy to blend with the brush on the other end.


  • Real Techniques Brushes (Sam’s Picks)

These are my very first professional brushes. As a beauty blogger, I decided that it is high-time to avail good brushes and I felt that Real Techniques is the way to go. These brushes are dense enough to buff the product evenly and they don’t shed 🙂 yay!

The set includes:

  1. Multi-task Brush
  2. Buffing Brush
  3. Essential Crease Brush
  4. Setting Brush
  5. Pointed Foundation Brush
  6. Fine Liner Brush


  • Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer

Last beauty fave of the month is the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous. A great concealer to cover up blemishes especially for dark under eyes. Its liquid formula gives a light coverage but is buildable.


  • Emma by Jane Austen

A random fave of mine is this book by Jane Austen. It’s classic yet it captures the hearts of many audiences. As an English major, this classic novel is a timeless piece that offers lessons for everyone. Shout out to Ma’am Elaine for giving me this book <3


And that’s a wrap! Here are the things that definitely rocked my month. I am looking forward to a whole new month of favorites.Let me know what you think in the comment section down below and tell me your August must-haves~ <3

Thank you for reading <3

2 thoughts on “The Best of August”

  1. I, too, struggle with shaping my brows. Glad to hear the pencil is working for you! Also, I’ve been looking into Real Technique brushes; do you feel that they’re a lot better than drugstore brands? What brush cleaner do you use?

    Happy end of August and beginning of September! 🙂

  2. Hi Siyu! I think Real Techniques is a good investment. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences from drugstore brushes like shedding. I heard a lot of good things about ELF brushes maybe I’ll try it out 🙂 For brush cleaners, I use regular shampoo. haha I haven’t found a brush cleaner yet so shampoo will do for now.
    Hope you have an awesome month! 🙂

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