Being a city girl, it’s rare to get a view of the beach every now and then. To taste that warm, salty sea breeze while feeling the sand crunch between your toes, ahh, that is my kind of vacation. This could possibly be in an island nearby or overseas but never would I imagine something like this amidst the ever busy streets of Manila. But to my surprise, I found it in The Selah Garden Hotel, Pasay City.


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About The Selah Garden Hotel

Much like a hidden oasis in a desert is the Selah Garden Hotel, I found the place as a fresh breath of air from all the tall buildings around. The 83-room boutique hotel is located in 2715 Park Avenue, San Rafael, Pasay City somewhere a tourist like me didn’t expect to see. There are plenty of activities that the hotel offers which makes it a great choice for friends who want to get away but not that away, team building activities that can bring out your competitiveness and inner angst toward your co-workers (jk), or just by yourself because you’re just the strong, independent person that you are.


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How was Our First Night?

We stayed at the Fantastic Loft, a truly fantastic yet cozy room with complete amenities. It literally feels like a home inside unlike other hotels where you really feel like its a hotel you’re staying at (Do you know what I mean? Haha). Honestly, I’m one of those people who takes time to adjust with a place before having a decent amount of sleep. Fortunately, my first night at the Selah Garden Hotel turned out great! Maybe because I was tired from the 7-hour trip from Baguio City but the first night was comfortable and serene.

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What To Do at The Selah Garden Hotel

There are plenty of cool things one, two, or more can look forward to at the Selah Garden Hotel because it offers plenty of outdoor activities. I was feeling nervous most of the time and my knees were trembling like crazy during the outdoor activities because of my fear of heights. But with a thumping heart and sweaty armpits, I was able to conquer the obstacles.

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For team building activities, the Selah Garden Hotel is a great choice because not only does it have a room that’s good for 10 pax (Clique Room) it has a wide range of activities for the whole crew like swimming, wall climbing, zip line, and more. The most amazing thing is that you can learn how to scuba dive in their pool!

10/10 Would Come Back

Definitely would come back for another round of fun and exciting activities! If you’ve tried it please do comment down below your experience too. Thank you for reading <3

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Photos by: Chiki aka Turistaboy

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