Watching make-up tutorials from my favorite Beauty YouTubers is part of my daily routine (no shame). I love the art behind it and the themes they go with; thus, I think it is safe to say that make-up tutorials give me life. Most YouTubers have their own spin on normal looks and they make it seem so easy! With a flick of a brush here and a dab of concealer there coupled with amazing blending work… Viola! I am left in awe with their results. Lately, make-up challenges are popping up on YouTube, a twist to the usual routines to really test the skills of a beauty guru. Challenges like the 5-minute make-up challenge, not my hands challenge, and the no mirror makeup challenge are definitely entertaining and fun to watch.

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Out of all the challenges, I can say that the No-Mirror Makeup Challenge is the most difficult of all. The mirror is an essential to our ‘kikay’ kit to see if you’re makeup is bringing out your best features and to check if you’re still looking fresh throughout the day. The mirror is definitely a must-have for makeup lovers but let’s try to imagine doing makeup without it! I’m guessing that would be a total mess and it’s almost impossible to get a decent cat eye without getting some product inside the eyes.


Tips for the Challenger

1. Start with the basics

If I were to take on the challenge I think I would start with my primer and foundation to set a good base down and I will definitely shy away from the bold eye shadows. After setting that base down, it’s time to head on to the setting powder. For challengers, you can use a translucent powder to set your foundation well and is sure to be foolproof to apply even without the mirror.

2. Simplicity is beauty

Go for a simple eye look instead or your go-to neutral look, gently feel the contours of your eyelids and find the center to give you a clue where the shadows need to be placed. In addition, applying the eye shadows with your fingers would be much better because it provides more precision to the application since you can feel where the eye shadows go. A creamy eye base with a subtle glow can instantly make your eyes pop and it won’t look like you got ready inside a rollercoaster.

3. Subtlety is key

The brows and mascara will be tricky in the No-Mirror Makeup Challenge because you need to see if your brows are on fleek. Without the mirror, always remember that brows are sisters and not twins so you can compensate for the unevenness of your brows. On the other hand, mascara is challenging because the bristles can poke your eyeballs and make a mess but if all else fails go for a single application only to lessen the damage and danger.

4. Be Natural

Blush and bronzer will be a breeze to apply since you just have to focus on the apple of your cheeks and the corners of your face. The No Mirror Makeup Challenge is actually you getting ready in the morning 5 or 10 minutes before the school bell rings or the time you woke up late for work. Choose a lippie with a shade near your lip color just to enhance your look.

Are You Up for the Challenge?


Showcase your makeup prowess and take on one of the toughest beauty challenges on the internet! Create a 3-minute video featuring you doing the challenge and simply upload them on Facebook. Tag your kikay friends, beauty gurus, and makeup geeks to take on the challenge too! The best result will not only earn them bragging rights on doing makeup without the mirror but will also get the chance to win a free Colour Collection makeup set worth Php3,500.00. Check out the contest criteria and more info at their Tupperware Brands Philippines’ Facebook Page. The challenge is extended until May 20, 2015.

🙂 Good luck to the challengers! 🙂

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