The streets of Baguio City is not as safe as it was before. Nowadays, we watch a lot of news on tv or in the internet about dangerous incidents that happen not only at night but even at midday. Ladies, in particular, need to be extra cautious because you’ll never know what’s lurking inside the minds of some people. Thus, I truly am grateful that GrabTaxi is now in Baguio City.

Formally launched last August 5, 2015 at the Baguio Craft Brewery, GrabTaxi adds Baguio City to its list of cities here in the Philippines. I am very lucky to be able to participate in their Media Launch and to learn about the mission of GrabTaxi and the science behind it as well. I learned that it started in the minds of two people who are alarmed about the worsening taxi cases or accidents and are concerned about the safety of their loved ones. Thus, because of their revolutionary idea they placed runner up in the 2011 Harvard Business School Business Plan Contest. Now, they are helping thousands of people here in Southeast Asia travel faster and most importantly, safer.

How to use the GrabTaxi app?

For starters, you can easily download the GrabTaxi app at the Google Playstore or at the Itunes Store. Next, you are required to register and after that you can look for the place where the driver will pick you up and indicate the place where you want to go. This is very helpful since you don’t have to waste your time in looking and looking and looking for a taxi. Literally in a matter of seconds, GrabTaxi finds you a driver and you just have to wait a couple of minutes for him to arrive.

How am I so sure that it’s safe?

Drivers need to go through a rigid training in order to become a GrabTaxi driver. Their background and papers are also thoroughly reviewed. For the app, you can also share your trip with your loved ones online to let them know you are safe. Thus, there is nothing to worry about, you are definitely safe.


Every  now and then, GrabTaxi offers promo codes for everyone to try out. For this month, Baguio’s promo code is “BAGUIO,” this code allows you to get unlimited booking free booking fee and Php 50.00 off your metered fee (August 5-31,2015).

Let’s talk about it!

Comment down below your experiences about GrabTaxi and let me know what you love about it.

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