Writing this blog on such a gloomy day in Baguio City reminds me that #summerfeels are officially over 🙁 Nevertheless, May was fun while it lasted and I finally had the chance to taste the beach (not literally), inhale some fresh sea breeze, fun boat rides, and a mountain escapade my friends! I’ll reserve my experience in another blog but with all that travelling and dress up, I have here some of my lifesavers from my May adventures!

On Skin Care


A. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

My skin has been behaving very well after I started using Cetaphil’s Cleanser. It is my first time to use it and I have long been curious about this product after hearing such good things about it. I added the cleanser to my night routine and my face honestly felt like a baby’s butt after! I just can’t explain why and I did not even feel the need to moisturize after because my face felt plump and ready to bounce. I don’t regret buying it and I would surely repurchase it in the near future.

B. Body Recipe Milk+ Facial Cleanser

Next, is Body Recipe’s Facial Cleanser. At some nights, when I don’t feel like washing my face and I don’t have a lot of makeup on, I use cleansing wipes followed by this baby and it definitely does its job to remove excess gunk from my face. It is also pretty cheap, it costs around Php 50.00 in HBC Stores.

On Makeup


C. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Are you having a hard time cleaning out your makeup brushes? Baby Shampoo gently rinses out the foundation, blush, and all that makeup stuck in your brushes. What I love about it is that it gently cleanses the brushes and so far I did not have any breakouts from the product. It also cleans beauty blenders and sponges like a dream!

D. Shawil Sleek Eyeliner

Next is the Shawil Sleek Eyeliner, I was surprised by this eyeliner because I honestly did not expect much from its price which is around Php 100 or less. However, I think this eyeliner is great for beginners, easy to control and easy to take off. It also does not leave a weird mark on your eye after rinse. Such a pleasant surprise! 🙂


E. Nivea Lip Butter

May was a time to take extra care for the face especially for the lips because of the confusing weather that we have. It can cause breakouts and dry skin, thus after exfoliating the lips, I put a bit of the Nivea Lip Butter and it’s on overnight. The lip butter also acts as a lip primer to prep your lips for any lipstick.

And that wraps up my May! I am already exploring new products for the month of June already and here is a secret product that is on my wishlist right now: Sssshhh…

Share with me your May favorites too! Comment down below 🙂

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  1. Very informative article! Just the right product feedback that i need since i am looking for the right cleanser as of the moment! Thanks for the info! 😀

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