There are only a few pizza places here in the Philippines that stood out among the rest and one of these is Yellow Cab Pizza Co. It’s mouthwatering pizzas and pasta have captured the hearts of the Filipino people and that is why people can’t help but come back for more. As a pizza lover myself, I personally think that food deliveries are some of the best inventions ever haha.

The Yellow Cab Pizza Co App

Say goodbye to the hassle of braving traffic to get your hands on the Yellow Cab pizza, pasta and more! Thanks to the Yellow Cab App, we can order anytime and anywhere. Aside from just ordering pizza via the app, there a bunch of awesome things you can do with it like rate the branch, locate other stores, redeem coupons, and many more.


Using the Yellow Cab App First Hand

Really curious about how the app works, I tested it out here’s what love about it.

Get the Best Deals
Sometimes it is only a matter of chance that you stumble upon great deals in your favorite restaurants. But with the Yellow Cab App, you are always updated with the newest deals to make the most out of your orders. Check the coupon tab in the menu.

yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn

Order in a Quickie
I love that the app is easy to navigate and you are able to find your way from the menu to the checkout without getting lost. Tracking your order is also a breeze because you can just refresh to check if your order is still being prepared or on its way to you.

yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn

yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn

Stay Connected!
With the dine-in rating tab, you can rate your favorite branches too! Share the love by giving them the stars they deserve. Upon receiving my order without waiting long, the pizza arrived hot and fresh just the way I like it. The app is honestly very useful especially the ratings and the order tracker.

yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn Displaying Screenshot_2016-03-03-16-01-25.pngyellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn yellow-cab-baguio-hello-relyn

Man VS. Pizza Challenge Shoutout!


In line with the Panagbenga Festival of the City of Pines is the Man Vs. Pizza Challenge at the Yellow Cab, Ayala Technohub. With a whooping 6-months supply of pizza on the line, the challengers are 100% pumped to take on the challenge. Each of the challengers had their own techniques on how to conquer the 18-inch pizza within 15 minutes. At the end, it is safe to say the MAN and WOMAN WON in this round!


Download the app at  Google Play

Check out Yellow Cab‘s social media sites too: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

4 thoughts on “What to Love with the Yellow Cab App + Man Vs. Pizza Challenge”

  1. Finally an app! I usually have problems deciding on which number to call because there are so many branches here in Baguio City. With the app, it’s safe to say that all you have to do is wait for a short amount of time, pay, and then devour the pizza. Hooray!

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